Is it possible to honestly love multiple people?

Statistacally speaking most people date 5 to 6 people in life, for longer then a few months. Is it possible to honestly love each and every one of them?

Each one of them gets a different version of you, seeing as it comes at a different stage, or season, of your life.

Does that mean that version of yourself will always love that person you were with? When that situation dissolved, did it birth newer version and leaves the old behind like a snake when he sheds his skin?

Hindsight shows the reasons you broke up, the fight to put yourself back together and how you move on. The memories that surface at times however make you miss the moments.

I spend too much time telling people its the version of themself that they are missing and it is not the person themself.

My main question remains though. Is that honestly love that you feel with each one of them? Or some fancy version of lust?


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  1. i feel you can have strong connections with several people. is it love? i guess you could call it that. it may not be “romantic” love but it more than just a casual friendship. others may not see “love” the same way as you do, but that should not diminish what the person feels. if one wants to label it
    “love”? then so be it . we should be happy for the people involved no matter what label is attached.

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