The magic word

Learning the healthy normal in my relationship is going to be the new challenge in my life. We have forgotten how to function as a couple with all this running around parenting and working.

Recently he has had to switch a different shift that works him an opposite shift as mine. As much as space is something that our relationship thrives from, this may be a little too much space.

So I am looking around at different things that can help us re-center our focus. While I am mainly focused on getting us fun positive time together as a couple, I also would love to strengthen our communication.

   Yup, I said it.

That magic “C” word that always gets thrown around in a relationship. Everyone can stand to do a little work in that department,  at any point of the relationship. However when we are as strained as we are, I think that it is important.

Check back soon to see if I can get him on board as well. 🙂



Like the jetty

You’ve stood there

Getting struck by waves

For years.

Now you stand,



Wise and skilled as ever…

And just like the jetty,

You erode

With every high tide and heavy



Who says erosion is a bad thing?

After all

Erosion in the process in which water,

Our people and surroundings,

Transforms pieces of us

Over time,

Ultimately for safe-keeping.

It’s the process in which we perfect our jetty

By utilizing the heavy waves

That are the mistakes and/or misfortunes

Handed to us by the ocean

Our universe.

-found on google and fit my mood perfectly

It’s okay

It’s okay

It’s okay to miss them

It’s okay to say their name

It’s okay to cry

It’s okay to breathe deeply

It’s okay to smile when you think of them

It’s okay to function

Its okay to have days where you cant function

It’s okay to be angry

It’s okay to be thankful

It’s okay to love again

It’s okay to remember

It’s okay to hope

It’s okay to be honest

It’s okay to trust again

It’s okay

It’s okay

It’s okay

Scribbles & Crumbs


19 years of surviving without him.

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