Just a little slice

The porch swing sways gently. The birds are quiet except the occasion chirp. The outdoor animal’s have scurried to find cover. The trees are swaying with the breeze. The sound of the rain hitting the earth soothes my soul Almost more then the precious coffee in my thermos. So here I am   Rocking back […]

Blew my mind

I was watching a youtube video the other day of Jason Segal and Bryan Cranston when they stumbled upon an interesting topic.  Not many actors find themselves qualified to talk about suicide in front of a camera. These men are no different, however they were speaking on behalf of an author/director that they both knew.  […]

If you never try…..

Making the decision to make changes or try something new is hard. This idea to put my feelings, my thoughts, my inner peace onto paper for everyone to read is daunting.  My opinions can be different from yours.  My feelings can feel different than yours.  My eyes can see the same thing that your eyes […]