Uniquely you

Have you ever found yourself attracted to the option that wasn’t very popular with the people that surround you?

I seem to always be the odd man out in the things that I like compared to other people around me. From the type of music to the style of cloths and more.

I used to find this embarrassing because I couldn’t even fake it good enough to get away with it. I was always called out on it in some way.

As an adult I look back and appreciate my differences.

I am a unique person and should never have wanted to be out into a pre-formed box.I spend my every day telling myself to stay out of that box and I hope to teach all my children to do the same

Life goals

Recently I chose to plan posts for a few weeks and take a step back to allow myself to enjoy my holidays with my family.

I realized that I was becoming more and more obsessed with electronics. Thats how the world is working right now for everyone but I chose to try to make an effort.

This worked well ….. at first. But then I of course found other things to become obsessed with on the same electronics. Instead of posts here, i played mindless games. Instead of choosing to learn ore about writing and editing things I want to write, I found myself obsessed with social media platforms.

So that backfired.

So now I picked my writing back up. Both here and personal writing. I picked the journals back up that I write my healthy lifestyle goals, and food choices in.

That’s when I noticed how happy I was when I allowed myself to do them in tha first place. So why did I feel like I needed to change myself?

It’s like I always seem to think I am not doing things good enough. I seem to always notice my failures, even if its just a slight failure while I refuse to give myself kudos for the successes. Not even the little ones.

I am not a resolutions person. I chose to word it as life goals or life choices instead so I don’t allow the well know failure rate of resolutions to affect my mindset. Seems silly but the mid trick seems to help me.

However, I think I found my newest life goal.

❤❤ Thank you for keeping with me readers. Stay healthy and safe, wherever you are.

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