Hello world!

I am blown away by people who have creativity seeping from them with everything that they do. Have you ever met someone like that? I have some of the most creative people around me, some I am close to some I work with.

It honestly seems as if everything they decide to try just is destined to turn out amazing.

On the other hand, it takes me 10 tries to get a subpar version of anything I try. from food to art to home d├ęcor I’m telling you, I have ZERO creativity. Even when following instructions! It’s like it KNOWS I have no business trying this project.

So hello world of art shows and food festivals where I can rely on your amazing abilities instead of my special efforts.

Everything deserves a fresh start

Ahh the rains of spring. I have been taking advantage of the nicer weather and wandering around my city like it is brand new to me. It’s been great seeing the second city filled with friendly faces instead of scared. The masks are still there, the hand sanitizers and social distancing are still our best friends as I am sure they will be for a while.

The thing is, the smiles are still obvious through the eyes. The hello’s are still being said more than ever before. I am in love with the change and I hope to see it continue.

Today however, I will stay inside to avoid the falling tears of the sky that shows that every thing can be washed away and get a fresh start.

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