Pick wisely

Staying alive while facing mental health battles seems to be a minute by minute choice. It’s the conversations that no one wants to have, but are more important than anything else you talked about today. There hasn’t been one moment in my last twenty years that I wasnt intimately aware of mental health. Between dealing with ever cycling emotions of puberty in my own body, and watching some of the others around me face battle deep inside.

Within that same timing I had my world flipped upside down because someone close to me lost the battle.

Talk to you lived ones. Listen when they chose to talk. You may be the only one they turn to.

That makes it all that much more important to chose the people you surround yourself with.

Make sure they are healthy for you, in the good times and the bad.

Winter blues

This winter my challenge will be helping my family and myself fight seasonal depression. This has been a trying year and being stuck inside is never the best thing for that.

I have been looking for crafts and cheaper options of things around us to do. One would think in such a big city there would be an endless amount of things to do but sticking to a budget makes it ridiculous.

However the battle has only just begun….

My thanks

For the entire month of November I will be thankful to every memory that I have.

The good and the bad.

Every person that has come into my life, with extra feeling to those that have walked out in whatever form. People come and go and the majority of the time we aren’t supposed to understand why I’ve decided.

I am not one of those that post my thanks daily however. To be honest I’ve never posted a thankful post at all actually. So this is a first and a last all in one.

Nothing against poeple who do, i just have a horrible memory and wint stick to it. Kudos to those who are able to.

Acceptance to all of our differences and understanding to all of our opposing thoughts.


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