Looking for advice

What culture or period of history interests you the most?

What is the thing about it that we are failing at teaching our children?

I am in love with history but I feel like we are failing at teaching our youth what they need to know for the future.

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  1. You have hit the right point. We are truly failing to teach our youth what they need to know for future. I being born to a Hindu family find my roots therein. Hinduism dates back to ancient times and is termed as ‘sanatan’ (ever flowing). Dharma/religion is, I feel, the ideal way of life, i. e., art of living. Our saints and sages devoted themselves to codify knowledge and wisdom through Vedas, Upnishads etc. thereby evolving life to live a meaningful life and find ultimate happiness. I wish the ancient wisdom to be transformed to fit into the modern society and pass it on to them. My favourite period has been the Ramayana age, which happens to in our family tradition.
    However, as for our failure to teach the youth, I am an exception as both my daughters are more spiritually inclined than myself. One is a follower of the meditation path, and the other is an astrologer. I often find useful tips from them. After all, as the axiom goes, ‘child is the father of the man.’ 🙂

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    1. I would have to say that I think your amazing input in child raising shows in your daughters! It is wonderful that they both found comfort in learning more! This is a great direction to learn more about myself and will definitely be teaching my children. Thank you for your advice!


  2. history is being up dated to show just how previous taught history was misleading at best. children MUST be taught there are others who have impacted human history other than white people. we have yet to learn form history and applied such to current times. kids need to be taught how to navigate the every day world. for me, there is something about the 1930’s which intrigues me. teaching should NOT be restrictive and alternative views MUST be shared.

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