Just like you

So in the medical world I am considered a Zebra. I have days where this is completely acceptable to me, and others where I refuse to acknowledge that it’s a real situation.

I put my pants on just like you.

I breathe just like you.

I just happened to be born with more medically wrong with me then others seem to be.

And yet my Zebra strips are tiny. They are thin and far between compared to 90 percent of the other Zebras that I have met. That allows me to feel SLIGHTLY special, but not really.

It’s not special to have the symptoms. The attention that Doctors can give me can be unnerving, because they are strictly paying attention to the clinical side of things. They forget I am human. I have feelings. I have reasons to want things done and they don’t have to match the clinical side of things.

Medical students eyes light up when they see me. Not for me honestly, just the weird things my body can do.

All I can say is that I don’t want to be a zebra. I want to be normal.

Is that bad?

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