Trying to decide

So I have been researching ways to be an advocate in some way. I feel as if I have been thru a lot and I love to help people so it would make sense to combine them to be able to do more.

But then I get stuck in this spot of realizing that I am also highly emotional in certain situations. The things that have rocked my world the most tend to bring forth more emotional responses.

So how does one find the middle line?

Just to get this off my chest

Ok guys I have a dirty little secret to share with everyone.

Sometimes I sit and watch travel destination videos on Youtube instead of being productive. I know that everyone does things like this, whether it is to read books or binge watch television shows.

The difference to me is that I spend a good amount of time chasing my kids away from Youtube because they see no problem with sitting for hours upon hours, and days upon days just watching video’s.

So I can’t let my secret get out to them of course. This makes you guys my captive audience!

Now you know.

Let them be little

We often forget that the simplest things are the most crucial for a child’s development, happiness and mental health.

Give them space to breathe, freedom to move, loving kindness, opportunities to get messy and make mistakes.

Give them unbridled, joyful time to bond with Mother Nature.

Give them a chance to experience the real contextual and connected moments we all long for.


— Nicolette Sowder–

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