The memories that smack us

I remember sitting at the fold out table with my father as a child, listening to records that were playing much too loud for the others in our family. They would complain until they eventually left the house in search of other places that brought regular volumes.

These were the days that I lived for those days.

He didn’t really focus on me too much, caught up in teaching me chess or showing me the best sounds/songs he had purchased over the years. We would debate the quality of the speakers every time, while deciding what we thought each song meant and how they came up with the music behind those specific words. The sun would stream through the finger print covered windows, allowing our laughter the chance to float outside along with whatever song we were jamming to at that moment.

I know I didn’t appreciate this enough at the timing, but it is one of my most cherished memories looking back at that timing with my Dad.

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