Learning to occupy my time

So I don’t do New Years Resolutions but this year I figured that I would try something a little different. I have goals that I would like to start implementing this year, but they are much more like life style changes instead of resolutions. At least that’s what I continue to tell myself.

This  year marks the first kid graduating high school and having the potential to move away from me. It doesn’t matter that he may not any time soon. It’s the idea that he is old enough to be able to. I have been trying to focus on how to pull my mother hen instincts back a bit so that he has the ability to grow and learn a bit before he moves out. I am not sure that I can make myself succeed at this, so instead I will occupy myself with other tasks.

This year I will be working harder to find different volunteer options to work with military veterans. I have always been drawn to work with the veterans in our country and am always looking for different ways that may work into life in a long term way. I already work on donating to people who are able to send care packages fairly frequently throughout the year, as well as send Christmas cards to soldiers overseas. However this doesn’t take much time nor effort on my behalf. I would like to find more opportunities. Please feel free to offer any ideas that come to mind. I am wide open for suggestions.

More to come.


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