Chose what to focus on

This new flower of thinking has bloomed and spread pollen to others near me.


I know that its early January still so the “resolutioners” will fall off, but what a great start! I know its just the people around me, but that is helping my mental health anyway. I bask in the positivity being shown all around me.

I spend a lot of time in life forcing myself to accept the negative but focus on the positive. Being around people who focus more on the negative, or SPREAD the negativity around like wildfire, drains me. I can’t handle that mentality. I understand that life deals some bad cards to people at different times in life and that it will be super hard at times to find the positivity during that time.

I have clearly been through some incredibly hard times surrounded in negativity as well.

From that place I found that so much of my day to day life depended on what I chose to focus on. If i focused on the negative things happening too much, my mental health took a bad hit for the day. When I had something to look forward to, or focused on something that had more positivity, my outlook was completely different.

I was still smiling by the time the day was winding down.

My family got to see a happier version of me then the slow moving begrudging human being that I had become. Seeing them make choices to do the same is amazingly uplifting to me.

I still have negative thoughts of course. I still have negative things going on around me.

I just choose not to focus on them.


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