They sure thought about trying

I have recently been laid up more than normal and I have noticed the trend going on in my house.  

I love that I have heard about this problem my whole life, but have really had it shown to me in true colors this past few weeks. 

As I prepared for this time, I carefully groomed each one of my children to perfect a task around the house that I knew would really get to me if it was not done. 

Like one childs task was as simple as if you find trash on the floor, no matter which one of your annoying family members put it there, PICK IT UP! There is a trash can in just about every room in the house right? 

Instead, I notice a lot of running feet to get away when they notice that I have noticed something. Lovely small creatures I have made aren’t they? 

I can’t help but laugh however as I do renember doing that to my parents. I also go thru days that I just don’t want to. Sometimes I go thru a few days in a row, just like anybody can. 

Sometimes the laughter is the best medicine, other times the laughter should be the signal to run faster.  😁😁

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