Pure Intent

The month of giving thanks is upon us. It starts every year in November and is a wonderful use the holiday season. A daily social media blog post is not all that it is about however.

Its not about what people around you see. It’s not about the praise. It’s not about what you can write on your college applications. That shouldn’t matter. Well, it shouldn’t be the only thing that matters.

There is something miraculous that happens in your brain when you do things for people or animals in need. It releases a hormone that you could look up and learn the name but thats not really the point.

We all suffer from challenging mental health moments in our life. We all know that we could benefit from those happy and pure emotions. The extra tail wags or purring, the knowledge that someone will go to bed with a full stomach or warm coat that night.

There’s a warmth behind honest intent. Don’t stop searching until you find it.

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