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In this Wednesday, April 22, 2020 photo, healthcare workers tend to a patient at one of the intensive care units for COVID-19 patients (ICU) of the Akdeniz University hospital in Antalya, Turkey. The country currently ranks seventh in the world in the number of confirmed infections, surpassing Iran and China. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government has refrained from imposing a total lockdown, fearing its negative impact on the already fragile economy. It has opted for piecemeal measures instead, including weekend curfews and banning people above the age of 65 and below the age of 20 from leaving their homes. (Ibrahim Laleli/DHA via AP)

Let me be honest, I have had to unpack my feelings and opinions over this pandemic in multiple ways. When this pandemic started these were the pictures that came from New York. These images actually all came from a simple google search where I typed in ‘New York covid nurses’.

Today, while the numbers are starting to rise again I can’t imagine how this will be painted on media platforms. The change of opinions from people has made this move to seem as if these may not be hero’s that are sacrificing everything to help your fellow human to survive this novel infection. Suddenly these people are exaggerating and making things seem worse then it is from most people.

Remember to thank your healthcare workers, your front line workers, your fellow humans that don’t run away and act like this isn’t a real problem. Listen when they say to live your life, just in a safer way, but thank them. They have seen things that they can not un-see. They are very aware of the realness of this pandemic. Respect them.


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  1. I have a few friends who are still working on the front lines of the healthcare system as nurses. They have been knee deep in this virus taking care of people day after day. Just yesterday I was able to talk to one of them on the phone for it was their first day off in almost 2 weeks. For the 30-minute phone call we had the first 10 minutes was just her sobbing to me all over the phone for all the people that she has seen died from this virus. She is also seen quite a few go home. The problem that she says that many of the people who have died refused to accept they have the virus even up to moments before their death. She has said even a few of those who went home refuse to acknowledge that they had the virus and just said it was some illness that they had. My county remains in the top two to three counties in the whole state with the most deaths and most numbers of those coming down with the virus but it also ranks in the top five of the most who have survived this virus.

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