Was I wrong?

There is this a time in your life when it suddenly becomes obvious that the big circle that you have surrounded yourself with has disappeared.

Instead there is gaping holes that you work to fill.

Somewhere over the next handful of years you realize that you would rather your squad be small because at least you know that they are true friends. Honest. Real. The kind of people that you want to have around you.

So when being an adult forces you to have long distant friendships with these inner squad members, you find yourself spiraling again.

Why do I always feel as if I am in a constant spiral?

I used to swear that adults had there shit together.

I think I’m ready to admit that I was wrong.

Author: Bookstore owners daughter

Mom. Wife. Woman. Pet lover. Survivor. Medical Miracle. Fertile Myrtle. Sister. Daughter. Granddaughter. Book lover.

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