Looking for advice

What culture or period of history interests you the most?

What is the thing about it that we are failing at teaching our children?

I am in love with history but I feel like we are failing at teaching our youth what they need to know for the future.

Fun side of learning

There is something comical about the idea that social media has now taught me more about household appliances then owner manuals or school.

Thats all.

Happy Spring ❤️

Here is to hoping the weather near you isn’t trying to be too weird.

Embrace the dirty air

There is something to be said about ciry living that just can’t be explained with words. There is a feeling that you feel, deep inside. Sometimes it’s an immediate hate, letting you know early on that this is not the lifestyle for you.

The rest of us step outside and take a deep breath of dirty air. We embrace the chaos of too many people around us. The long lines at our coffee shops don’t bother us, we just know to plan for them.

The feeling comes with knowing there is always something to do. Middle of the day on a tuesday? Museums, parks, clubs, gyms, classes, you name it. It is all available if you look. It may require a bus or three, maybe if you are lucky, a city train or trolly.

Some people need hammocks, trees and open spaces all the time.

Others need chaos.

The Lost and Found

At the end of the day we all still seem to have the same goal.

To live a happy life, surrounded by other living beings that love us, and the ability to relax.

Sure we all have our paths to get there, and what we expect along the way, but the end goal is where we all meet up again. Right?


I never wanted to be your first choice

Being your first choice implies that there’s a second choice

for once I wanted someone to be so sure of me

that everything else


*Whitney Hanson Poetry*

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