You can’t make them

Recently I have noticed that when you force people around you to notice the good things that people do, they resist.  You cant make them do it.  The only thing that you can do is surround yourself as best as you can with positive things. Cute little sayings on canvas that you can post around […]

If you never try…..

Making the decision to make changes or try something new is hard. This idea to put my feelings, my thoughts, my inner peace onto paper for everyone to read is daunting.  My opinions can be different from yours.  My feelings can feel different than yours.  My eyes can see the same thing that your eyes […]

Treat yourself

You can not love another until you love yourself.  How many people would you list first if I asked the people you love the most?  Can you name 5 things you like about yourself?  Forgive yourself, love yourself, treat yourself right. That teaches you partner to treat you as well. That teaches your kids to […]