Challenge accepted

As we get closer to Valentines day I want everyone to challenge themselves to spice up the monotony. Every relationship starts out with butterflies and heart jumps, but you will always get to the stage where its (dare I say it?) boring. Spice it up. Dont settle. Life is meant to be lived with smiles […]

The Power of individuality

The power of learning to be who you are in the face of judgement is daunting. More daunting than most of us have the strength to admit. Even less of us can say that we have beaten the challenge of overcoming. I have fleeting moments where this clarity hits me that it just doesn’t matter […]

Let them be little

We often forget that the simplest things are the most crucial for a child’s development, happiness and mental health. Give them space to breathe, freedom to move, loving kindness, opportunities to get messy and make mistakes. Give them unbridled, joyful time to bond with Mother Nature. Give them a chance to experience the real contextual […]

Going thru the battle to learn your value

I have lived a life that most people react to with shock.] I didn’t ask for it, but I wouldn’t change it either. Any change in how things have gone in these complicated 34 years and I wouldn’t be where I am today, surrounded by the amazing people around me. I have been thru things […]