While were on the subject

There is something to be said about the mental health of the woman who gives her baby up for adoption. We all know that there are many reasons for her to feel the need to do this, from safety all the way to just not being grown up enough. Of course family involvement, the choices of the father, the financial side of things will all come into play with these decisions.

Afterwards everyone always thinks about how hard it must be on the child growing up feeling like the parents just didn’t want them. This is a huge subject that I believe still needs loads more research to allow them to find better ways to cope and deal with those emotions. There are some stories that I have heard that will haunt me until the day I die, coming from some of the children as well as birth parents. I have nothing but respect and empathy to anyone who has gone through this. No one asks to go through this, no one wants to be in any of these circumstances. No one asked to be born into these stories. Even with the best stories that I have heard, it evokes an emotion that is hard to explain. Just knowing that there had to be hard things to to come to terms with.

There is always the theory that birth parents have chosen to live a better like that would have been ruined had they had kept that child . More often then not I hear the conversation turn to the mother not understanding responsibility, or maybe she just didn’t know how to keep her knees shut.

I have worked with birth mothers in secret for years, always accepting phone calls and personal messages through a website that I participated with through out my adoption process.

Yes that’s right.

My adoption process.

My story doesn’t matter, my reasons will easily be considered excuses.

What I do know is that I have a happy, healthy, familiar child out there that has ALWAYS been told the truth from the very beginning.

I had an extremely solid support group. A family that didn’t really understand or fully agree, but stood behind my decision because in the end it was just that. My decision.

My mental health at that time, as well as the years between then and now, has always been viewed in a different manner than I agree to. I absolutely stand for my decision. I regret not being able to be the person my child needed but that was not avoidable. I didn’t need my strength and determination constantly awarded, as I still don’t. I didn’t need to be told it will get better, or time would heal. There is no coming back from that one. Time just changes it.

So what did I really need?

Support from someone who actually understood. A support group of women who I could talk to that had been through a similar situation but that wasn’t provided to me. I didn’t need people who talked behind my back, or to be surrounded by people who walked on eggshells.

I was vilified, screamed at, unfriended and gossiped about.

I was a whore, an evil person, self serving and an irresponsible piece of shit.

I was the worst scum to walk this earth, I was unable to go to Heaven, I was denounced from the church.

I was garbage, the like of which could rub off on you if you got too close.

You know what I wasn’t though?

I wasn’t the person that didn’t understand the ramifications of my decisions. I researched the process. I researched the emotional toll. I researched what statistically showed the best moves to make were and I followed to the best degree that I could. I reached out and I got advice.

One thing I was told in the support group that I helped form was that the mental health of the birth parent was easily forgotten to any onlooker because they didn’t matter. The only thing that mattered was the legality of the situation and the Childs health and future mental health. They told me that we have to find each other and tell each other that we are still worthy people who deserve to be happy as well. We deserve to forgive ourself for the decisions we had to make. Sure there are a lot of bad apples in the bunch of us who make us all look horrible, but there are more of us who are inherently good humans put in ridiculous unforeseen circumstances.

Every day that goes by proves that more and more.

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