Vacation ideas

I am currently trying to plan out fun places to take my family this year. Some one day trips and looking into longer ones, on more of a budget this time. We are currently debating Wisconsin Dells as a place to maybe spend a week at. Does anyone have any experience there? If so what are places to see as well as places to avoid? We have ages 10 through 40 between the lot of us to consider.

Also we are looking to go more west into Montana or the likes. I love the idea of open skies, amazing sunrises and sunsets. I have a few horse lovers, most four wheeling, dirt bike riding, nature hiking, boat riding and adventure parks type styles. I have posted on all social media platforms looking for the best places to go and am now asking you all. Please feel free to recommend anywhere, even if it is not budget restricted fun. I will save more for the ones I find necessary! I trust you all to give me awesome suggestions!

I would love to have endless money and travel oversees but the timing does not seem right currently.

Thanks for suggestions!

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