Therapy Sessions

Does anyone else using writing as their therapy?

I know that I should probably call and get in to see another therapist now that I have left my old one, but I can’t seem to convince myself that it is worth it. I dove headfirst into writing on multiple platforms, and I truly do feel as though this has taught me to work through things better then she ever did.

Don’t get me wrong I have seen multiple therapists over the years, being raised by very forward thinking parents who wanted to make sure that my siblings and I could know how to deal with things from the moment they happened. It was an amazing thought from them honestly, looking back at it now. I of course thought it was beyond stupid at the time, even when I was going through things that I needed to be in therapy for.

That just comes along with knowing better than my parents at any age though ( as any child will tell you is always true).

I do believe that I took this as a challenge in some ways however. I think my guardian angel was mad that my parents tried to get one up on her so she kept putting harder and harder obstacles in front of me.

In the end however this lead to me being a very confident person the majority of the time. I feel comfortable with my decisions, and feel as though I understand other peoples behaviors better than most. I can tell when someone else is going through things, and feel like I have been shown tools over the years that help me talk to them. This of course is a blessing and a curse seeing as I am also very empathetic and tend to absorb their emotions, causing me to have to fight them off as well at times.

The other perk to this has started to occur to me recently though. I notice the things that I have heard over the years from people are showing up in the stories that I write. Short stories or a long piece, blogs or poems it is all there. Showing up without me realizing where they came from. I never stick exactly to the situation but it keeps me from falling into the same loops.

Keep on writing folks

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    1. That really does make me feel better. I try to tell people all the time to write when the feel stuck mentally but it seems so foreign to them. The blogging world has opened my eyes to so many people similar to me that sometimes I have a hard time wrapping my head around it.


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