What are you fighting for

As I was fighting for you I realized that I was fighting to be lied to.

Fighting to be taken for granted.

Fighting to be disappointed and forgetten

Fighting just to be hurt again.

So I started fighting to let it go instead.

These hard hitting words smacked me this morning when I wasn’t ready. Shattering my moment of peace after a great workout and making me deep dive down into feelings I was hiding from.

This can easily be about your spouse, or your friend. It can be about a grown child or toxic family member. There are so many ways to take this saying so I am going to let it resonate with you however it needs to without me babbling on about it.

Here’s the thing though.

Always remember that you are worth whatever fight you chose to involve yourself into. It you chose to keep yourself involved in drama, hurt and instability then no one else can be blamed. You are choosing to stay in the situation,

You will ALWAYS be worth fighting for. It doesn’t matter if that means that it leaves you temporarily alone, or in debt. Your physical and mental health are worth the fight.

Don’t lose your fire.

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