So now what

Now what?

That’s the only thought I have for this summer in the year following the Covid shutdown. Last year we did our part and stayed home or out of places more often then not. We made sure we wore masks and had a very realistic fear of the ‘what if’ seeing as I work healthcare and saw this from a different very deadly point of view.

However as a parent who’s children virtually learned all year so we didn’t get sucked into the quarentined bubble off and on, my kids need the outside world more then ever.

Every adult in my family has been vaccinated so I should be able to not worry as much going in and out of these places right? Yet I’m not sure.

It has nothing to do with false media junk, or the pressures of the world fear mongering me so please refrain from commenting about that OR the negative opinions of the vaccines. Yes I am asking out loud on social media platforms, so your opinion is valid to respond with I just don’t want the disrespect to outweigh the honest communications. I do respect your choice for you and yours, just please show the same respect here if you chose to comment.

Are you out and about? Indoor and outdoor? Still masking?

❤ Much love to you all. ❤


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  1. Trying to get back to my pre COVID life. Masked when required otherwise mask beard. I want to live and not be scared of going to the movies. We get ine life. Do I want to spend it afraid to do the things I love?

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  2. have mask, will travel. lol all through the pandemic i went places, though not as often or as far and any public place, other than the store, was outside. if i went into a store i wore (and still do) a mask. (i am fully vaccinated) mostly i went to the beach/harbor or parks etc. any place else that i would want to visit was closed. all trips were local. i wore a multi layered cloth mask and when i could finally buy one, i switched to a KN95 mask when i went inside any store or if i picked up to go from a restaurant. when outside i wear a face/neck gator as it was easier to pull up when coming into close contact with someone. i limit my indoor time and wear a KN95 mask. my neck gator is a multilayer and gives me great protection if outside. there is less of a chance to come into contact with covid-19 outside and knew this from the beginning of all this pandemic stuff. be smart and logical about all this. be educated. one must have the knowledge how diseases are spread and take those precautions. i cant wait to feel really safe to travel to other places.

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  3. We are out and about – with caution. We have the vaccine – both doses – and when we are in small gatherings with friends we go without a mask. Still wearing a mask when in a store – more out of respect for their policy. Still avoiding large gatherings. Going out to eat – but again choosing times when the restaurants are not too crowded (which we can do since we are retired). We recently took a three-day trip to a tourist spot – but again wore a mask when around a lot of people. We do not wear one at all when we are outside.

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