Slow death

Every relationship should have a pretty definite start and end to them, but what happens when they don’t? What happens when the friendship between you and a coworker dwindles down to nothing once one finds new employment? The person that you were starting to date just stops calling back? What about when that friend you have had for years just stops calling?

We have all been here, likely on both sides of every example. Learning to figure out what is the right decision for you about the type of people to keep yourself around is hard. Learning to recognize which one of you is damaging the relationship and whether it’s worth the fight to fix it is hard.

People can be the best person that they can be but will always be toxic to someone. So is it better to make a big thing about it to call it quits, or to slowly just let it die off?

I think I need a heavier drink to contemplate that one.

2 thoughts on “Slow death

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  1. Moving around as a child, I was always the new kid on the block. Even as an adult life seems to have had me moving around. So I made friends and then time and distance ended the relationship with many. A few continued on through calls/cards and now FB. However, even those I don’t have contact with, don’t even know where they are – I treasure the memories and the times we had. Many of them were a good influence or blessing to me. Some come into our life for a season – but in that season they are a blessing. My prayer is that I also was a blessing to me and a good memory now.

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