New challenge

I challenge you to find a purpose bigger than you.

There it is. I said it. We are all facing this crisis with varying degrees of success in the area that we live. We all need some bigger purpose to help us keep our minds off the scary stories and statistics that we are seeing. We all need something positive in this time of insanity.

So I challenge you. You don’t even need to report back to me. I will hand you the challenge and let you decide if you will accept.

Trust me, giving yourself a purpose is never a regrettable thing.

10 thoughts on “New challenge

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    1. ❤❤ for me it gives a us something else to focus on. Something to keep our mind from over thinking. To help us feel like everything around us is not in control of who we are and how our days go.

      Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I enjoy being able to doing nothing as well. I just find myself enjoying the purpose more.

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