The phrase

One day when I was in my teenage years and my father said something that stuck with me. He told me that in a conversation with HIS mother at some point they had started saying phrase when they would get overwhelmed. There must have been multiple things that they came up with over the years but this one stuck with me.

Maybe it was just because he said it to me as often as he did. It could be that because I looked up to her so much that it stuck with me stronger. Whatever the reason was it is now my daily mantra.

Live Life Lightly.

In times like what we are facing with this novel virus we rely back onto the things that give us comfort. I am still scared, nothing will change that. However I have regained my footing and am forging ahead. I am a pretty lucky front line person, working in a room off to the side of the patients rooms more often then not. This change is usually something that I hate actually but during this process I appreciate it. Sometimes that makes me feel guilty when I know that they are having a hard day. That is something that I will continue to deal with because guilt doesn’t understand common sense.

So I remind myself of that small phrase as often as possible. The memories of one of the strongest willed women I have ever known keep things in perspective for me. When that doesn’t work I let the lifestyle and words of my father persuade me.

Live life lightly

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