Finding the Joy

With the unprecedented time going on around us right now, many people find themselves with too much time on their hands. I find myself crazed. Between the home schooling that we all are having to learn to handle and the extra hours at work that they are pushing for me to pick up. Some weeks I have picked up but mostly its the amount of craziness surrounding work.

Don’t get me wrong I am in a constant state of unrest in my mind. I have never found something that works on a consistent basis to calm my brain. For a long time I thought that was normal. To some people it is for sure.

There are others though that talk about that being a sometimes thing. I read books from other humans who talk about calming the mind and being able to think clearly. I have done yoga, meditation, medication, exercise and so many other options. Nothing changes it.

However this last few weeks, months for some depending where they live, have been a bit scrambled, for everyone. We don’t really have a good outlook either because so much is unknown. I guess some people can play along and stay positive with everything but I am struggling.

I can take the e-learning in stride honestly. I love these kids and love them being home. I would honestly get a kick out of keeping them home one year and taking them around on field trips and enjoying time while learning. That isn’t something that they are interested in of course because their friends would not be in their class which I honestly understand.

So instead I find ways to help however I can. I focus on gift baskets for coworkers, scrub caps with buttons, and extra unhealthy snacks and meals for the family. I find myself buying them more things and playing with more to make up for the things I think they are missing from school. Or may it is to make up for innocence I feel like they are losing at a young age to this novel virus. I am not sure what it is. It results in smiles from coworkers in the middle of a jungle scene of a hospital and ICU. Smiles on the kids faces when I come home and more loves and hugs when I need them. Laughter from the huge trampoline while they make up game after game while they jump.

Finding the joy amongst the veil of darkness.

2 thoughts on “Finding the Joy

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  1. I read this and I think you are extraordinary. Your life is so full and you find time to gift baskets?
    I like your post and how you space out your thoughts. I also like your personal voice and so it feels like the reader is having tea and a chat.

    My situation is different from yours. I offer this suggestion. Worry not about how this will affect your children, just enjoy the time. They will remember only the laughing, and how you spent time with them.
    When they are older these are the stories they will remember. The hopscotch in the driveway, the water squirt guns or the cookies you taught them to bake.

    Create the stories, when it’s all said and done, those stories and you were there with them is the best gift.

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