The ever changing list

The list of weird things that come with being an adult just got a little longer for me today.

I spent my whole life thinking that my life was so complicated compared to the adult’s anywhere near me.

I mean nobody I know dealt with burying their best friend/first love at sixteen.

But they did know all about burying them a few years older when they came home from war.

I never compared that in my head.

I was so busy being selfish and distancing myself from the people trying to help me the most. How could they know how it felt?

No one I ever knew dealt with adoption at such a young age the way I did.

But they did deal with sudden infant death with no real reason to blame it on. They knew it was a bullshit umbrella diagnosis for doctor’s that couldn’t find a specific reason. I know not everyone sees SID’s like that, but I do.

Being a young single mom because he couldn’t grow up put me in the same type of shoes as the women who’s husbands shipped out while they had young ones at home. The story was different, with one being a coward and one being a hero, but the day to day was similar.

The comparisons just won’t stop rolling through my head now. My life is unique, my decisions are unique but the stories are parallels.

Hat’s off to the people that forged the paths before me. Even the ones that are nothing like mine.

We all have battles.

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