Breath of fresh air

The best thing about living in a big city that is surrounded by small community suburbs is that it is an easy train ride away. While city living doesnt always provide reasons to use a car, it does teach you how to jump on a train to get everywhere you want to get.

Something about bundling up with a cute hat and matching scarf, marching into a local coffee shop and heading out spend some time with nature just gets to me. It speaks to my soul in a way that I can’t seem to replicate. (Also makes me happy that I found an adorable hat/scarf/gloves set the other day while thinking I could window shop)

So thats what I did today. I had a rare day off to be able to take in some surrounding nature. Man I needed this. I filled my entire memory card on this camera and resorted to using the camera on my phone as well! I can’t wait to start editing some of these!

That being said, Pinterest and Youtube how to edits tutorials will be my best friend for the next few weeks!

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