Winter blues

This winter my challenge will be helping my family and myself fight seasonal depression. This has been a trying year and being stuck inside is never the best thing for that.

I have been looking for crafts and cheaper options of things around us to do. One would think in such a big city there would be an endless amount of things to do but sticking to a budget makes it ridiculous.

However the battle has only just begun….


7 thoughts on “Winter blues

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  1. I have had sads syndrome, and I recall fresh air and exercise helped. I often walk at night and carry a flashlight so cars see me. I also recommend snowshoes, if you get much snow in chicago, inexpensive and you can get outside and walk in parks.


  2. Distraction techniques I find can be good for me in terms of mood and managing pain, even if it’s short lived. I find most stuff in the winter is too expensive to do because you can’t just go for walks and sitting in the park or stuff like that when the weather is awful, and the options around me are things like pricey cafes and restaurants, super expensive cinema, pricey bowling etc. Not a lot else.I hope you can find some more things to do and to lift your spirits a little, for you and your family  ♥
    Caz xx

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  3. Good luck in your battle. As a senior citizen who doesn’t have to get out in the bad winter weather – and who hates doing so – I do struggle to make myself get out and stay stuck in the house. That can get depressing fast!

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