Outside the box

Sometimes life gets heavy enough that I need to find simple ways to be able to pull back. I know that I have spoken on this before but this isn’t a one time a year type of thing. I have noticed that it seems to be worse for me  during colder months but we all have them randomly thru the years I assume.

I usually find a few different things to be able to lighten things up and vary between them. Most years it starts with photography and works its way into funny animal videos before ending with being able to watch the television show Funniest home videos. There are times that I add other things in, depending on how I have been feeling in the weeks before this.

Sometimes I watch a lot of Youtube videos that welcome soldiers home. I really enjoy the ones that involve surprising family members with their homecoming. Those are almost always guaranteed to make cry, and sometimes that is exactly what I need at that point.

This time I actually find myself watching movie series obsessively. There are three or four of them that I have fallen in love with over the years and I have been lucky to have them all available to me to watch. Some I own and some I can find on different platforms available to watch, in order.  I am positive that my husband thinks that I have lost my mind, seeing as he is not the type of person to watch movies he has already seen very often.

Even though I understand that adult life can be quite monotonous I feel as though I am failing at it. Just like most other adults I struggle to keep my spending under control and pay my bills on time. However I think that I forgot to keep things fun and enjoyable enough to let it all balance out to each other. I find myself more afraid to spend the money on the things I think would be fun, in fear that I would not be able to keep up with bill paying and other necessary needs for my family.

So here I sit, watching my movies instead, on the cable network that I struggle to pay for.


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  1. I do think it’s about balance, and I suck at it. My ex used to get into debt and spend on things that were fun all the time, whether it was new games or clothes he wanted, or days out and eating out in town etc. I, on the other hand, penny pinched everything and still do, but I’m at the point where I never want to spend money on anything fun because I feel guilty if I do. Don’t get to be like me, it makes you miserable. It is hard though, striking that balance, when there’s not enough money to go around. xx

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  2. I felt the exact same way about lack of money not too long ago, and it can be paralyzing, so I can relate to what you’re saying. Someone helped me change my perception of money and it has helped so much.

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  3. I think you hit the nail on the head when you talk about the simple things. Like you, I love old movies. But there are activities that don’t cost anything. Writing, reading, drawing, cooking, taking a walk can all help us refocus. Even helping others in some small way can change our outlook, both on ourselves and the world. ❤

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