All work and no play

Sometimes as I walk around this city of mine I find myself getting lost in everybody elses hustle and bustle.

Dont get me wrong I have a full plate as well, but not compared to some of these folks.

There are people who are so wrapped up in whatever there current assignment is that they dont even take a moment to look around them.

They stare into space like they are mentally still at work. They stay on their phones, or tablets the entire time. They mumble quiet apologies when they bump into someone, but otherwise they are zombies.

Some are on there phones and its refreshing to find one actually chit chatting with a friend instead of yet another work call.

It’s as if there is no such thing as clocking out anymore.

Since when did we have to be a society that forgot how to play?


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  1. I work at a retirement home. There’s only two iphones that I know of and they only use them to make calls. They love to talk and they do a lot of it. No matter how bad a day they’re having they will sit and talk with you. I’m not much for crowds and I’m definitely not a talker, but when the community room starts to fill up I turn off my work day in the office and listen to them.

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  2. You’re absolutely right. I often think about this, about how enjoyment and play and lightness in life is lost among the things we ‘should’ be doing, among constant connectivity and work and busy-ness. There’s less time to stop, breathe, enjoy the smaller things in life and have fun (without guilt). We have to consciously choose to break away from it all and follow our own path on this, I think.xx

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