Those choices again

You are one choice away from the thing that makes you happy.

That choice may scare you to death.

It may be the one thing that makes you hesitate.

But you know what? It is also the one thing that is keeping you stuck in the rut you are calling life.

Maybe your decision is that you just need to forgive yourself for something that you did when you were younger.

Maybe you need to apply to that college and see if you get accepted.

It could be that you need to go and apply for that dream job because they just might actually hire you.

Maybe you tell to tell that one person how much they mean to you.

Or maybe you need to grow a set and tell them to fuck off.

Both seem to have equal satisfaction if you are at a point in life that they are problematic to your mental, physical or emotional health.

The thing is, you have to make that decision. It has to start with you. You have to actually take action on this part of your life. It won’t just happen for you.


one decision


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