Mom like decisions

When I woke up today I felt something that I wasn’t very used to recently. Today I woke up with motivation.

Motivation to make a difference in my life. It doesn’t have to be gigantic, it just has to be something that helps me feel like this train I am on can start moving forward again and get out of the mud it is stuck in.

So here I am at work, listening to motivating video’s on Youtube and I am trying to decided where I want this train to move to in the first place. I feel scattered as I realize that I cant even focus and decide if I would like to use this motivation for the long list of to do’s I have for my house, or for bigger life decisions.

Recently I made a goal board, also known as a vision board. I found myself drawn to motivational sayings the whole time. I couldn’t even focus my goals for this next year because I feel out of control. The kids control me. I live as a side note in the life of my family.

I was quick to push them for specific goals for the next year, while I gave myself leniency. Why?

It all comes back to the idea that I fell into the easy trap of mom life, as I have realized in other blogs I have posted, and I have forgotten that there are things that I could want just for myself. My wonderful husband has asked me over the years what I want to do to make me happy and I have continuously answered by saying “I am fine how things are” and “I have no idea what I want to do for the rest of my life”.

So here I am trying to decide if this motivation will be directed towards the normal mom life decision, meaning the to do list of things to do around the house or if it will be directed to what makes me as a person grow.

Decisions, decisions.


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  1. If I may say….I think that life has changed a lot and nowadays you can have as many as 5 or 6 careers in a lifetime so while you have the freedom and the time to decide where you want to focus that motivation well, you have the chance to experiment stuff you like to do and I think that tryng something as important as either somethng you do for fun can turn into a job and vice versa so if I were you I,d just follow my heart and find something I would really like to do, no matter what other people say. (Including me!)

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  2. I think any motivation when you feel stuck is great. I’ve been feeling like that too, stuck but not sure what to do or where to go with things, unfocussed. I hope you get a little direction and momentum with it soon, as it’s a horrible feeling what you’ve been going through. You can do this! x

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    1. How do you know wht I have ben through?? Do we know each other?? Sorry I just don,t remember but yo sure are right about everything you said… I tried to make you feel better and its you in the end that cheer me up!! Thanks! I’m just alittle stuned that you know me this much and Idon,t remeber talking to you on here… It,s al good thugh!! xoxox

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