As a teenager I realized that there are some people who are made of bubbles and lightness and everything pretty, while others seem just to not be. I am interested in watching to see if there are different things that lead to one behavior or another.

Is it strictly just the upbringing? The surroundings that you are born into? Is it influenced by the parents disposition?  Can life’s circumstances change you from one behavior to the other? If that happens can you revert back? Also, why does this intrigue me so much?

I have always noticed that people are drawn to me to tell me their life problems in hopes to have so insight that might help them. I still do not understand how I draw them in, other than the idea that I actually take the time and listen to people. I sit and show the respect that I believe that the person needs, and I tell them what I would do if I was in the same spot. Is my advice always the best? No. I strictly tell them how I would respond, and I tell them what part of my response I would regret afterwards as best as I can. I ask them how they WANT to respond to it, and then we talk about the smarter way to respond instead.  I can’t guarantee that it’s good advice at all, and it certainly has no medical credibility to it, but that’s what I offer. 

However, what draws them to me to ask anyway? 

I was not born with that light fluffy bowl of sunshine and bubbles type of mentality. I wasn’t born dark and melancholy either though. I was born a plain Jane. I am highly empathetic to others pain, and tend to be the loudest one in the room. I easily fell into the wrong crowd multiple times actually, because I felt bad for them and connected with them in weird ways.

I fell into smoking and drinking young, and I conquered both habits as I got older. I socially drink, but can control it better. Everywhere you look you read that you have higher chances of being an addict when you come from a family of addicts. I would love to read up on that to know how true that is.  But does your addictions need to mirror the family members? So if your grandpa is an alcoholic, does that mean that you are bound to be one too? Or does the addiction travel across all things addiction? Can you be addicted to eating and blame it on your grandpa being an addict?