The ebb and flow

So I have had a long-standing love of photography. This has never been a secret in my family. My mother would always tease me that I held the camera at odd angles more often than I held it at what was considered the normal angles.

I have never taken the time to learn the ins and outs of any advanced cameras, however my love for a camera phone or a ‘point and shoot’ has never faded. These days camera phones offer such amazing possibilities for editing and filters that it would be hard not to love the shots even an amateur takes.

As I have admitted before, I am a sky watcher. I love to be able to notice cloud patterns, beautiful sky colors and everything in between. Time and time again I find my eyes drawn back to the sky in admiration.

My wonderful family makes comments about my obsession with the sky, saying that it can be silly to always take pictures of it. Other times they can find themselves surprisingly drawn to those exact pictures when I show them one that I am proud of. Mind you, I tend to only be proud of one out of every couple hundred I take, but that doesn’t matter.

The sky has moods like mine I believe. Even when you see a wonderful blue sky, there can be clouds lurking.

Other times you could see multiple white puffy clouds, with one or two darker clouds hiding in the background.

There is always a secret hidden in plain sight with the sky.

Amazingly these shots were taken the same day.



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