Trying new things

In a world that I am surrounded by negative things all the time, sometimes I find myself fighting to find my way above water. I have recently been told more bad news in regards to my health, and I need to find something else to focus on.

So after looking around for a few days I have chosen that I need to get back to yoga. It brings out a calmness in me that I rarely find, while being non strenuous on my body that apparently is made of glass. While I realize that there are different types of yoga, and some are more challenging on the body itself, I will be avoiding those and staying with ones that help me find a little more inner balance instead.

That being said, the only other time that I have done yoga I was being instructed by someone else which is not an option this time. So I am now at the mercy of Youtube. I have found a few pages to follow and I am slowly trying to experiment through some of the beginner videos that they have posted.

I love the process. I love learning new things, and being a student of something that I enjoy. I love forcing others (mainly my children) into doing these things with me because I love listening to their take on something that I enjoy.

If anyone has a favorite Youtube video you would recommend that I try, please let me know.

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