Mom life

It’s a beautifully rainy day today, which I feel like should mean relaxation. The type of day that makes you want to get a hot mug of coffee, a great book and blanket and curl up in the most comfortable chair in the house day. These days I feel like that’s something that only happens in movies.

Instead, I have 2 children in school with the smallest one home with me. My to do list is crazy long and it seems I may need to duplicate just to achieve half of it. Why oh why does my to do list fill itself up like this? Am I the only one?

Bubble guppy music plays while I run around trying to figure out my dinner plans for tonight so the hubby will have something to eat when he gets home. Crockpot it is right? So now I just have to figure out the actual food part. We have been so busy recently and the schedule will not be letting up any time soon since baseball season is about to kick into high gear for them. You can imagine that with two kids of different ages, that two baseball schedules full of practices and games could drive anyone a little crazy.

This is where that precooking idea would save me some time. I precook lunches for the husband, and myself all the time. Clearly I should start also doing the crockpot meals idea too right?

Anyone have a favorite crockpot meal that they make? Something that could almost be set up ahead of time,kept freash and I could easily toss into a crockpot?

Leave a comment or shoot me an email and let me know!


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